Hi! My name is Min Min (敏敏). Welcome to LearnChineseEveryday.com!

  • I created this website for people who are interested in learning Chinese.
  • It is a great challenge and also great fun to learn a new language, especially Chinese.
  • I will post a Chinese word 5 days a week.  With only a few minutes a day you can learn how to read, write, listen and speak the Chinese language!
  • On the weekend I will post other activities that will enhance your learning.
  • Feel free to post questions in the comments section, and I will try my best to answer them.
  • Many people think that Chinese is a difficult language. But believe me, learning Chinese is not as difficult as some people imagine. If a billion people can learn it so can you.
  • And never forget :  when you are really interested, no language is difficult !
  • Just stay with me, and go for it.
  • Happy learning.

* By the way, Chinese is my mother tongue. So if I make any “mistakes” in English, please correct me and forgive me. 🙂

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  1. We visited China in sept 2009 and now I am trying to learn the chinese characters. Your site is very helpful. Thanks for your efforts! Harry / in the Netherlands.

  2. Hi Min min, love your site. I have a small suggestion. If you could email subscribers a new chinese character everyday to learn that would be great! Kind of like dictionary.com…
    榭 榭!!

  3. Hi Min Min , your site is very interesting. I’m very interested in Chinese and I try to learn Chinese by myself and your site helps me a lot. Thanhks for your efforts. Now I live in Moscow and I know many people here like to learn Chinese, I’ll introduce your site with them . I hope that they will love it , like me.

    1. Hi Trang Tu,
      Thanks for visiting my website.
      Yes, please spread the words and let your friends know about my website. Help me to market and promote my website, so I can concentrate more in providing quality content. I hope more people will find that this website is useful.
      Thanks again. 🙂

    1. Hi Jessica,
      This site is mainly simplified characters. But I do include traditional character in each day character posting. I hope this will help for people who are learning traditional Chinese as well.

  4. Hi, nice site! I have a suggestion, which you could consider…
    Being a lazy learner, if I see a translation for something I sort of persuade myself that I’ve understood something, even if I haven’t. I would appreciate it if the english translations were hidden by default, and appeared when you hover over them. If you think thats a good idea but don’t know how to do it you can send me an email.

    1. Hi Alex,
      Thanks for your suggestion. It is a good idea. I will consider about it.
      For showing the translation when hover over, do you mean by providing “tooltip” for each individual word?
      However, thanks for visiting my website. I hope you will continue to come to my website to learn Chinese.

      1. Hi, thanks for the reply.
        Actually, I don’t mean every character, just your example sentences. And thinking about it, it about it, it might be good to hide the chinese not the english (as “recognition” is easier than “production”). I’ll give you an example of what I mean from your current front page (打):
        In box one you have the english title “You mustn’t beat him”. In the space underneath, you have the chinese “不许打他”. I suggest that instead you have “hover to reveal chinese”, and when a user hovers, they get “不许打他” (and the pinyin) as before. This would encourage the thought process “how would I use that character to make that sentence?”, before finding the answer, which reinforces learning much more effectively, I think. The bonus is that this would require basically no extra time input from your side, especially as your already using jQuery which would make it really easy to implement.

  5. Hi min min I studied ur languge one week ago I think it better to learning chinese cus now M in china,shijiazhaung from cambodia

    1. Hi vuth,
      Chinese is one of the most important language in the world. I hope you will find this website useful and use it as your main learning materials.

  6. 你好敏敏 –
    thank you so much for all your efforts toward teaching us 老外 more of your language. Last year I was in China for the first time – alone – and I managed
    to get by, but realized I need to learn to read and write in order to have more
    fun when I return next year.
    Also, I just now accepted your friendship on Livemocha and hope, I can be of help to you as well.

  7. Hi Mi Mi, I’m from Pakistan and studying medicine in China.Besides,I’m also trying to learn Chinese language.I found your website really amazing.I hope it will help me a lot.Thank you so much.

  8. Min Min 谢谢你!Greetings from 波兰:) I found your site yesterday and that’s exactly what I was looking for. Committing to my memory a new hanzi everyday! Very appreciated.

  9. I don’t know how I found you….
    Here you are… YOU’RE GREAT..

    Only one weakness: Please have ALL THE CHARACTER [especially MANDARIN characters] B I G G E R.
    More people wear glasses
    And I’m thinking that more adults will use your site…. and those adults wear GLASSES

    Thanks for caring to IMPROVE SIZE OF CHARACTERS… easier reading … easier learning

    1. Hi Marg Coh,
      Thanks for your suggestion. For all the example sentences, I have the font-size of 16px which I think should be quite big enough. For the right-hand-side explanation panel, smaller font size is used so that the characters can be fitted into the limited space.

      However, I will try to improve all the font size of Chinese characters for the weekly activities.

      By the way, if your screen support bigger resolution, you can try to ZOOM the page by pressing “Ctrl + +”.
      Hope this will help. Let me know if you still have problems reading the Chinese characters.

    1. Hi JBVadeboncoeur,
      Thanks for visiting my website. If you have free time, I hope you will learn Chinese as wells. 谢谢。

  10. Thanks for introducing your site to me. I am trying to learn characters, and this site will be a big help. Thanks Min Min.

  11. Hi Min Min,
    Discover your Great site today. It is very informative & useful,especially for people who are just starting to learn Chinese. It is also very handy for those, who know some Chinese to further raise their knowledge & fluency.

    I wish to congratulate you for setting up this wonderful site & say “Jia You”


    1. Hi Wanderley,
      It is glad to hear that my website helps you a lot. If you would like to learn more about tones, please check out the Pinyin section.

  13. Hi Min Min!

    I came across your blog after hours of browsing through the internet, and when I saw the quality of your work I had to subscribe to your feed. Keep up with the good job, you’re helping a lot those who are studying chinese by themselves.


    1. Hi Enric,
      Thanks for dropping a few lines in this comment section. I will try my best to provide more quality content for learning Chinese.
      Again, thanks for your “鼓励” (encouragement).

      1. very useful to learn Chinese..
        i will prefer your website as my second reference….
        can you add more Chinese songs…^_^..
        xiexie ni…

  14. You have a great site!

    I only wish i’ve learn of this site a lot sooner…like 5 years sooner..
    been working in China for quite a while. And still can hardly speak Chinese other than
    the rudimentary yes and no…

    But better late than never.

    I will definitely stick around your site.


      1. yeah i am learning…btw… do you know were i can get the lyrics of the opening
        theme for the popular chinese cartoon pleasant goat and big big wolf…my kids
        specially my little is crazy about that show and he wants to learn the song.

        thank you!

  15. 你好, min min
    fantastic site. helpful, easy to follow, clean design. the pinyin chart is especially useful.. did you build that yourself? a big ‘谢谢’ to you! just got to china three days ago and am studying non-stop! 🙂

    1. Hi Max,
      Thanks for visit my website. I hope you will learn some Chinese from this site.
      I didn’t create the flash pinyin chart myself, but I get it somewhere from the net.
      Do come back always.

  16. Hi Min Min,
    I just found your site through the First Web-Impression site. I’ve only had a few minutes to browse, but it looks wonderful. I wish I had had this a few years ago before we went to China to adopt our beautiful daughter. I am bookmarking this site and will come back often. Thank you for sharing this great website. 🙂

  17. Min Min,

    I just found your site today, and it’s AMAZING!! I’ve been trying to teach myself Chinese for about 2 months, and your site makes it lots of fun and sooooo much easier!!! I love how your sentences use simple but useful words that could really help me communicate in Chinese, my dream is to go to China or Taiwan soon.

  18. Wow, this site is awesome! I’m so glad I found it. We recently got back from China, where we traveled to adopt our little girl. I’m so excited about learning Chinese.

    1. Hi freeindeed,
      I hope you will learn some Chinese from this website, and you could teach Chinese to your little girl as well.. 🙂

  19. 我是华人, 住在印尼, 我学了汉语好多久了但是我的华语还是mamafufu, 我希望你能教我汉语。 谢谢。

  20. 你好,敏敏。

  21. Hi Min Min,

    Your site is so cool! I’ve been learning Chinese for about 2 months now
    and really enjoying it. It’s such a beautiful language.

    Thank you so much!

    1. Hi Richard,
      It is great to hear that you enjoy learning Chinese.
      I hope my website will be helpful to you in learning Chinese.

  22. Hola Min Min
    Me alegra que ma hayas invitado a tu curso de chino, de verdad te felicito, es un gran trabajo el que has hecho para ayudarnos a los que estamos interesados en aprender tu idioma. Yo estudio medicina tradicional china y voy a difundir tu curso entre mis compañeros para que disfruten también de ésta maravilla.

  23. Hi Min Min ni shenti hao ma??my name is Abdurashid I like your site it is wonderful i start to learn chinese 2 month ago i think your site very help me to learn language if you want write to me pls write in pin-yin because i want improved my chinise.thank your site….

  24. Hi, I’m taking Mandarin lessons right now. How do you generate the writing worksheets that you post on this website? Is there a website/program that can do this? I’d like to generate my own worksheets corresponding to the lessons I’m having. Your worksheets are great but I’d like to follow the sequence of characters that my teacher uses. Thanks for your help!! =)

    1. Hi AL,
      Yes. I bought a software to generate the worksheet. If you are interested, send me an email and I could give you the more details about the software.

  25. 你好!I’m Thai. I’m studying Chinese. I found your website, I like your website very much. Thank you very much for teaching. 你心很好!! 谢谢!!

  26. Hi,
    My name is Maisie and i am 12 years old.
    At school we have just had two days where we didn’t do any lessons we just did things all to do with china eg. we learnt a chinese song, we made a big chinese dragon, we made chinese lanterns, we cooked chinese food, we designed chinese dresses, we did chinese dancing, we did chinese art, we learnt lots of stuff about china and we had a little lesson learning mandarin. It was realy fun and i enjoyed it so much that i want to carry on learning chinese and learning about chinese culture and hopefully i will get to go to china! Please will you tell me abit about what its like in china and please can you show me how to write Maisie Bennett in chinese characters?
    Thank you,

    1. Hi Maisie,
      It is great to hear that you can learn things to do with China at school. I hope my site will be useful to you to learn Mandarin.
      Maisie Bennett, what a nice name! Your name in Chinese is ” 梅西本尼特 “. If you want to learn how to write and pronounce your name, let me know. I can send you 5 animated gif pictures for each character along with mp3 audio.

  27. Hi Min Min,
    I am greatful I found your website I was browsing the net finding the right website for me to learn chinese Mandarin. Please do let me know what to start. I don’t have any background in Chinese Language, can you help me somehow? What I must learn first, when should I learn writing the Alphabet, when should I learn grammarisation, when should I lear writing phrase, when can i learn reading Chinese Mandarin? I would be very much happy if you can help me on this. I’m very interested to learn chinese. Thanks in advance

    1. Hi Zeny,
      First of all, thanks for coming to website to learn Chinese.

      I think most of the people who just started to learn Chinese share the same questions that you asked.
      Here are my suggestions that I hope would help you in learning Chinese:

      What I must learn first?
      Well, learning Pinyin should be the first step of learning Chinese language. Pinyin let you grasp the way to speak Chinese.
      Here are some of the Pinyin posts that I have posted in this website:
      (I am in the mid of creating an audio Pinyin ebook. Please do come back always to check for update.)

      Then, try to learn and understand the basic Chinese grammar.
      Chinese grammar is quite different from English. In Chinese, grammar is mainly concerned with how words are arranged to form meaningful sentences.
      Here are some of the posts that I have written for Chinese grammar:

      Build your vocabulary.
      As mentioned in one of my post, to understand 90% of the content in Chinese publications, you have to learn about 900 Chinese characters and 11,000 phrases/words.
      You can use the daily post in this website to learn a Chinese character a day. For intensive learning, you can try to learn the most commonly used characters.
      I have compiled a list of 100 Most Common Chinese Characters here:

      This is just brief guide. I will try to write a more complete guide to learning Chinese during this weekend. Stay tuned.

  28. Thanks, this is a great site for practicing. I really like the animation for writing Chinese characters. I’ve just re-started learning Chinese again after studying about 12 years ago. Your site is a great resource that isn’t too overwhelming. Thanks again.

    1. Hi Neil Barker,
      Thanks. I hope my site would help you to revise the Chinese characters that you learned 12 years ago.

  29. This website is great. The site’s format is clear and well organized. It’s just the way I want! I have one question though. I’m left-handed. When I use my left hand to write Chinese, the characters are quite not the same; the curves are kinda in the opposite directions… Do you have any guideline for writing for left-handed people?

    1. Hi Hihihoho,
      My husband is left handed but he writes Chinese characters with his right hand. He was trained to do so when he was a kid.
      Chinese was developed for right-handed writing. It is advisable to write Chinese with right hand because of the stroke order. However, personally, I don’t see any problems with left-handed, as long as you follow the proper stroke order.

  30. Hi Min Min,
    Hope you are fine.
    First of all Thanks a lot for creating such a beautiful site. I appreciate all your hard work and efforts that you put behind this great work.
    I am new to the site, however I studied Chinese for 2 years and that was almost 3 years ago.
    I love the language, so now felt the need to brush my knowledge up and found this webpage a great platform to start off.
    Again, Thanks a million.

    1. Hi Nikhil,
      I am fine here.
      I think you must have learnt quite a lot of Chinese. Hope my website would be useful to you to learn more Chinese.

  31. Hi Min Min,
    I’m Oanh from Vietnam.
    I love your Website. I did study Chinese when I was in University but it was almost 4 years ago. Now, my company do invite Chinese people to work and be a manager. I would like to review and start studying Chinese again to comumunicate with them. I plan to go to China on business next month also. I search for Studying online and see your Website. Thanks so much for your effort. I hope it can help me to improve my Chinese in near future.

    1. Hi Oanh,
      Nowadays Chinese is getting more and more important in the business world, especially if you are doing business in China. It would be a successful career tool to have.

      I believe you would really learn and practice more Chinese when you are in China next month. It is a great opportunity for you to really apply Chinese language that you have learnt.
      Keep up learning. 加油!

  32. Hey! This website looks really good, and i hope it helps me a lot ,
    i really want to learn chinese (Mandarin) but i don’t know where to start
    please help me? should i start on conversations or what??

    1. Hi Julio,
      You can check the comment that I reply to Zeny above. I hope it would be a useful guide for you to kick start learning Chinese.

        1. Hi Julio,
          Well, my website is not designed for “intensive” learning.
          I am still planning to create some learning software for this purpose. I hope it would be useful for those who want to pick up Chinese in very short time.

          1. your right,
            i just want to learn to be able to speak to some of my friends that speak

  33. Hi Min Min,

    I studied Chinese for four years and still feel like a beginner: there is so much I still don’t know or understand. For example: the local Chinese restaurant always gives Chinese calendars around New Year and I hardly know a single character on that I recognize, but according to the restaurant it was pretty simple Chinese. (I am not talking about the character for 20 btw)

    Sometimes I think they Chinese like to exaggerate that Chinese is extremely difficult so even when you know quite a bit, you still feel insecure.

    What do you think?

  34. Sorry, what I meant was “For example: the local Chinese restaurant always gives away Chinese calendars around New Year and I hardly recognize a single character on that calendar, but according to the restaurant it is pretty simple Chinese.”

    1. Hi Patrick,
      Yes, many people will tell you that Chinese is the “hardest language on earth” for Westerners to learn. It is true that Chinese is very different from English, in terms of pronunciation, characters and sentence structure. But that doesn’t mean you could not learn it!
      As I mentioned above “when you are really interested, no language is difficult !”

      If you know around 900 – 1000 Chinese characters, I think you should be able to read those words in that Chinese calendars. If you still have the calendar with you, you can take a photo of it and send to my email (minmin.teoh at gmail.com). Let me have a look. 🙂

      Happy learning.

  35. Hi Min Min – Thank you for all your hard work on this website. I have been studying Chinese for about 3 years now and it is hard work. I have learned enough so that on my visit to China last month I was able to order food, tell a taxi where to go and bargain for good prices. Now I would like to learn to read more so I am studying characters on this site. Your “most commonly used words” is very valuable.

    One question – I seem to remember a blank practice grid on this site, but cannot find it. Could you please point me to where it is located?


  36. hi Min Min,
    Hope you are doing well..
    Thanks for this website. it is helpful for everyone to learn chinese.I have started visiting this site from week.i am feeling like i should have been aware of your website a bit earlier.


  37. Hi! Min Min
    Thank you a lot. I want to learn chinese language as for a long time especially in writing. Now I found your site and I am so happy . Wish you can improve your site.

    1. Hi Htun Htun Naing,
      Thanks to come to my website to learn Chinese.
      If you have any suggestions to improve my site, you can post them here or email to me.

  38. MinMin, Thank you very much for your contribution to learning and cultural awareness…
    I’ve been struggling with Mandarin for some time, now and discovering your site is like finding the Rosetta stone…Fantastic…
    This is what I am doing: I make a document with all the text, in the order in which you present it; then I copy the gif, for reference and, finally, I use Audacity to record all the words and phrases and turn it into an mp3 that I can listen to while I read the text. All this stuff goes into individual folders with a couple of reference words to tell me what the Chinese Character denotes and voila!!
    I only began this yesterday and it is labor intensive, so I’ve only finished six, so far. But I am working my way backwards and can supply you with copies of my results so you can either try replicating it, yourself or just hand them out..
    You are one amazing human being, lady!!
    Keep up the good work!
    Respectfully, James

  39. Min Min,

    I found your site today and I plan to use it on a daily basis. I just returned from three weeks in China for a University trip and I plan to go back in the fall for a study abroad program. I will be taking a Mandarin class in Beibei but it will be very helpful knowing a bit beforehand. I am very excited to learn some Chinese!

  40. 我是印尼华人,在加里曼丹住在坤甸,我叫做许德利,我很高兴可以认识你的网站, 我学了汉语好久了但是我的华语还不太会 我希望你能教我汉语。 谢谢。 your website is the best,i very like your website

  41. Hi Min Min!

    I have always wanted to learn Chinese, and I am very thankful for your website. Keep up the good work!

  42. Hello Min Min

    Your website has a great utility for people who are interested in learning Chinese. I expect, you will be providing people more learning tools in future. Best wishes.

  43. Dear Min Min, your website is so great and useful for us.

    However, when I downloaded the ebook of Learn Hanyu Pinyin in 24 days.pdf, I could not open the file. Would you please reload the book onto the internet?

    Thank you very much for your effort and happy new year!

  44. Hi Min Min,

    I was searching for a good language software to brush up and improve my Mandarin and I stumbled across this site. I must say, I think I’m in love. <3

    Taking a look at other sites, I noticed that there's usually something about it that I didn't quite like or that it was missing something that I thought was vital in learning Mandarin. For instance, they may only teach you the Traditional form of the characters, or only Simplified. Or even yet, only Pinyin. There are those that teach you all three but their worksheets are divided wherein the same worksheet is written in the three forms. I've always thought that learning Traditional and Simplified characters should be taught side by side. And it's so refreshing and just absolutely fantastic that your site teaches us Mandarin in that manner! I'm so unbelievably happy (you have no idea). 😀

    Additionally, there are some sites/programs that only have visual, no audio; while others are asking for an arm and a leg with the prices they are requesting.

    But your site — the sheer brilliance that it is — has all of that and more. It shows us how to write the character, breaks down the radical for us, shows the traditional form, gives us examples (even defines each word/group of words of the examples), has a Pinyin table and generator, has the Chinese input tool, exercises, and guh! worksheets where we can practice the words! Oh my god, I think I'm seriously in love with your site. 😀

    On another note, the layout of this blog? Just as spectacularly brilliant. I love it. <3

    Thank you so very, very much for creating this website and for all the effort you've put into this, especially given how frequently this site is updated (for which I am eternally grateful).

    1. Hi scryoko,
      Thanks for your long comment.
      I have been doing this website for almost 2 years. I’m glad to hear that my website is useful to you for learning Chinese.

  45. hey Min min thank you for this site! i greatly appreciate you taking the time to make this site. thank you. i am from the USA. i really love chinese culture especially the music and people! i first got into the culture because of Jay chou and JJ lin in 2001, they are my all time favorite singers. is there any way you could translate actual songs from musicians like them to also help. but anyways everything that you have posted is awesome. i love it! Xie Xie ni! i recommend this website to everyone

    1. Hi Jerrica,
      Thanks for visiting my website.
      Great to hear that you know 林俊杰 and 周杰伦, and their songs. It is a good way to learn Chinese through Chinese songs. Currently I have translated a few children songs which, I think, are easier to learn and understand than those Chinese pop songs.
      However, I will try to find some simple Chinese pop songs and translate them in future.

  46. Hi Min Min ^^ I’m planning to go to china to learn more about your beautiful country next year^^, Now I’m preparing for that and my first reason is because I have big passion in languages^^..

    Your site is very helpful! I’ve downloaded the pronunciation’s book and I love it..but is it exclude the audio?so only the text that’s provided by the book, am asking this coz sometimes when I do the download my comp sometimes misses some things that suppose to be downloaded..

    anyway xiexie Thankyou very much! terima kasih banyak!^^ hope you’re doing great job here^^ wish you success too to whatever jobs that you’re doing or will be doing^^

    ah Putri from Indonesia here^^

    1. Hi Putri,
      Thanks for visiting my website and downloading my ebook.
      The audios are embedded into the ebook. You’ll need to have Acrobat Reader 8 and above in order to listen to the audio. I hope you would learn something from my ebook.
      If you have any feedback or comment about the ebook, please post it the following comment section.

      Hope you enjoy your trip to China next year.

  47. Putri cong yin ni, shi ma? Atau malaisiya yand dekeqt sin jia po atau kalimantan
    Wo ye shi cong yin ni, hen gao xing jian dao ni
    Wo ye shi hua ren ge shi zai yin ni ,mei you hua yu xue xiao, suo yi wo zai zhe li de hua ren hen duo bu hui shuo hua yu, thx this website helps me to learn Chinese writing

  48. Min min
    Xue xie this website teach me Chinese everyday
    Since I am shy to ask my parents about Chinese
    Is it to late for me if I want to speak Chinese with my family
    They don’t speak chinese to me
    I am shy because I am hua ren but I can’t speak chinese
    And if I try to they Hard to understand wo de yi si because my pin yin is not good

  49. Xie xie
    Wo Tia zai le
    the book is such a good
    All of them is about pin yin and pronounciaton

  50. Hi 🙂 Your site is brilliant! When I find a bit more time I think I will start learning Chinese 🙂 I’m just wondering which signs are better to learn? Traditional or simplified? Which are more common or more prefered by Chinese people to use?

    1. Hi Magda,
      Thanks and hope you like my website.

      Simplified Chinese is used in China and Singapore, while Traditional Chinese is used in Taiwan and Hong Kong.
      In terms of writing, Simplified Chinese is much easier. Personally, I think beginners should start with the Simplified version which has a slightly less learning curve. However, if you have extra time, you can always learn the Traditional Chinese as well. 🙂

  51. Hii Min Min I am FromToday I am your new Student D\for leaning chinese Thanks for this website hope I I am very happy to see your site Hope I learn Chinese in few months or days thnxxxx ….:)

  52. Sorry for wrongs words of my above comment.
    Hii Min Min From Today I am your new Student for leaning chinese Thanks for this website .Hope I learn Chinese in few months or days thnxxxx ….:)

    1. Hi Varinder Pal Singh,
      Thanks. If you have strong determination and dedication, I believe you can learn Chinese very fast.
      For any question, just leave a message in the comment section or send me an email, I am always here to help.
      Good luck.

  53. Hello friend

    Ni hao. Nice to meet you

    Thanks for being organized. This is a good site you created for the benefit of us who are learning Chinese. You will also get your benefits multiplied for being such wonderful innovative person. This site is going to help a lot. Thanks for having mentality and majestic optimism. Send me contacts for learning more Chinese. Shang di bao you ni. Zai jian

  54. Hi min min, I am from Nepal and I would like to learn Chinese, the problem is i do not know even a single Chinese word, please help me how can i learn it?

  55. Hi Min min, just a little question for you, I am a native borne American but the love of my life is a woman named Minmin, yes! same as you, but she spells hers all together as one word, whats the difference? and what exactly does the word “Min” mean in Chinese?
    I guess your wondering….why don’t I ask her? because I let her go and can’t get her back, the biggest mistake of my life, but anyway, thanks for any help.

    1. Hi Bob Lange,
      What a coincidence! Do you know her name in Chinese character? We Chinese normally write our name separately for each character, e.g. My surname is Teoh, and my full name is Teoh Min Min.
      敏 (mǐn) in Chinese means clever, quick-witted. Perhaps my parents want me to be clever and smart girl. 🙂

      It is sad to hear your story. Did she teach you any Chinese before this? I believe you will find a nice girl one day. Cheer up!

      1. No, I can’t say I have ever seen her name in Chinese character, so it could
        be different looking than yours? I was working on making a painting
        for her and wanted to sign her name…if I can find out how
        And no, I didn’t learn to many Chinese words, there so hard for me
        to remember! but Thanks for the help!

  56. I just wanted to say thanks for making this site and I’ve found the information really helpful. I was looking for activities for after school children to do and found that you had character practice worksheets. I plan on making a few copies and passing it onto to kids who are interested. Thanks again!

    1. Hi J,
      Thanks for visiting my website. I hope the worksheets is useful for the children to learn how to write Chinese characters.
      I have zipped 100 worksheets into one big file (46M), and you can download it from here:

  57. Hi Min Min my name is Sopheap. I am Cambodian. I find your work learn Hanyu Pinyin in 24 days really helpful for me. I have also printed your work and shared to many friends of mine. And I would like to say thank you very much to you and wish you to be successful and good luck all the time. xie xie!

    1. Hi Sopheap,
      Thanks for visiting my website and downloading my ebook. I hope my website would be useful for you to learn Chinese.

  58. Hi Min min,
    Discovering you chinese learning website make me very happy.
    Moreover, your ebook will be very helpfull for me.
    I’m from Benin (west african country) and i’m fond of chinese culture…
    Xie xie

  59. Hello Min min,
    I am wondering if you could also start adding Cantonese sound files with your Mandarin ones, I can guarantee this would be a huge boost in your website and will even benefit people like me and other people who are forgetting Cantonese everyday!

  60. Silly question, but is this the place you refer to on today’s home page at “If you can understand this article, try to write it in English at the comment section”? Either way, a link if technically easy for you would be very helpful to newcomers like myself.

    Great site!

  61. 但 愿 我 们 能 买 一 辆 新 车 。If we translate this sentence in English as “we wish, we can afford to buy a new car , that means we can not afford to buy a car at all.
    But, if we translate the sentence as hopefully, we can buy a new car, the meaning will be ,we still have a hope or chance to be able to buy a car.
    Can you clarify the meaning, please?
    Thanks for your teaching.

    1. Hi Min Min,
      Can you also show us how to use 属于 in sentence? Thanks, Min Min. I’ve been reading Chinese lately, hoping I can speak Mandarin one day.

    2. Hi Larry,

      For your question about this sentence “但愿我们能买一辆新车。”, I think the ambiguity is caused by the word “能”. It depends on the situation when the speaker says this sentence.
      To be more precise, you can say:
      to describe “we wish we can afford to buy a new car.”. By using “有能力” instead of “能”.

      属于 means belong to.
      Example for 属于:

      I believe you can speak Chinese well one day. I am neither an expert nor ‘professor’ in language, but I’ll always be here to help you to learn some basic Chinese. 加油!

      1. Thank you so much for your teaching. I sincerely admire you for founding this site and sharing your knowledge with the rest of world basically.

  62. Very good learning website. I’m going to be here quite regularly. Thanks for the effort and time you’ve put in.

  63. 您好,敏敏!



    1. Hi Narusagawa,

      There are a few pronunciations and meanings for 得 (de, děi, dé).
      For your question, I think you are talking about 得 (děi).

      应该 means ‘should’.
      得 (děi) can mean ‘should or must’, but there are other meanings too.

      In some context, you can use 应该 and 得. For example,

      I should go.

      You can also say:
      I have to go.

      You should look it up in the dictionary.
      You have to look it up in the dictionary.

      For what I know, 得 is more commonly used in informal conversation.

      However, there are some circumstance that you shouldn’t use “得” to mean “should”.
      For example, “得” shouldn’t be used in a negative sentence.

      You shouldn’t make her angry.
      But we don’t say: 你不得惹她生气。

      It depends on the situation, when to use 应该 and when to use 得.

      By the way, there are some structure mistake in your sentence “请给我告诉,“应该”“得”之间什么区别?”
      It is more correct to say : 请你告诉我,“应该”与“得”之间有什么区别?


  64. hi Min Min!
    thank u for very useful site! i’m really interested in chinese and happy to found u. i will be here regularly and hope the day i’ll talk to u chinese will come soon 🙂

  65. Hi Min Min! ♥

    Thank you so much for this website. 🙂
    I’m quite interested in East Asian languages and here I am trying to teach myself Chinese 🙂
    I just want to ask though, is it okay if I am the one to choose my own Chinese name?
    I am not Chinese so I don’t really know if it’s all right.
    If I’m going to choose a name for myself, it’s 倪美容.
    Also, is there any way to make it “official”? I plan to go to China someday.
    Aaand, do you have a Weibo account?

    Thank you so much! ♥

    1. Hi Meggie,
      Sorry for the late reply.

      You can translate you English name to Chinese.
      For example, Meggie as 美琪 ( měi qí ).

      Chinese name consists of family name (surname) that we have to follow. i.e. my surname is 张, and my father, grand father and also grand grand father surname is 张 too.
      I am not too sure how to make your Chinese name official, but I think it depends on the country where you are born.

      And, I do not have use Weibo.

      I hope you like 美琪.

  66. 你好,敏敏!

    Could you help me to translate one chinese expression. I’ve heard it in one action film:
    如果不还手,我怎么出来混?(It was said in a quarrel about a fight that the man pick up in a restaurant). What does 出来混 mean exactly? Is it about getting out of difficult situation?

    1. Hi Edita Jan,
      I am not too sure how to say it in English. Basically I think it means “out in the street”.

      Here is an example that I found in the dictionary:
      Are you new to the streets?

      So for you question:
      If I don’t fight back, how am I going to survive “out there”?

      I hope you can understand what I want to express here. Maybe you can it in more proper English.

      1. Thank you very much!
        In fact, I’m not English either, I don’t know how to say it precisely. But now I can understand what it’s about.

  67. Hi, Minmin! No need to apologize for your English. I’m of the school of thought that we’re all in this together and helping one helps everyone.
    Besides, think about it…your English is light years ahead of my Mandarin. For that alone, I tip my hat to you, lady!
    I’m sure I speak for everyone who visits this site when I tell you that you provide us all with a frightfully useful and valuable source of information about Chinese culture and language (without which, culture cannot survive…..).
    Thank you.

    1. Hi James Bain,
      I hope I can keep on improving my English too while sharing my Chinese knowledge here… Thanks for your support! 谢谢。

  68. Hello Mi Mi,

    I’m a new student in learning Chinese, I think Chinese and English language have the same word order of subject verb or object. But it doesn’t mean that all the Chinese sentence have the same structure. I would like u to give me advice about these and please tell me the best way to learn Chinese easily understanding.

    I’ve read some document related Chinese Grammar explain in English. They just showed some examples about different sentences meaning not relate to Grammar, I wonder much about those examples. Let me show those examples to u and I hope u could explain me in detail,

    Example: She is not a doctor
    but in Chinese, they said should follow the literally means, it will be: She not is doctor.

    Why like that? So according to explaining above Chinese languages doesn’t have Grammar formula, just forces on literally mean……

    I’m so sorry about my questions above to u. I know I asked u many questions. But I think u are a pleasure person to explaining to many people interesting to study Chinese language as me. Thanks…..

    1. Hi Mutan,
      In some context, Chinese sentence have the basic sentence structure just like English language:
      subject + verb + (object).

      For your example:
      She is not a doctor.

      “不是” means “is not”. You should treat “不是” as a phrase instead of splitting the the word into 2 characters.

      If you translate the sentence directly from English to Chinese, it will be “她是不医生。”
      And if you translate the sentence directly from Chinese to English, it will be “She not is a doctor.” (which English learners may ask “Why like that?”)
      Well, I think this is language. In Chinese, as you said, there is no fixed grammar formula.
      You have to read more in order to understand and get used to it.

      I have compiled some basic Chinese grammar rules here:
      I hope it would be useful to you.

      Happy learning. 🙂

  69. hi everybody. I’ve just joined to you this evening. And i’ve been learning chinese for some time. i’m very happy when i can make friend with you to improve chinese together. I’m a vietnamese and i’m studying English, too. So, i can not avoid to get mistake. I hope you can help me……Glad to be friend with you!

  70. Hi, thanks for creating this site. Is there any way to get the “word of the day” in my email everyday? That would be useful! THANKS!

  71. Hello again 敏敏! After awhile I went back to Greek ◔‿◔ and turns out, that was the worst idea. But after going through a chapter on Chinese culture (and a few cries for help for pronunciations xD), I’ve decided I want to go back to learning 中文。 And now combined with a website called zheshishenme.org + your website, I’ve learned over 200 words! Many 谢谢’s!

  72. Dear Min Min,

    I’m Kallyan I want to study Chinese by my self and I saw your website I’m very happy. I use to study Chines before but not much. Now I want to get your FREE Pinyin (Chinese pronunciation) audio e-book. When I download it you asked me to tell at least 5 friends or share on face book. For share on face book I did it already but get nothing. For tell my friend how can I tell my friend Could you tell me? Please help me.

    Love Kallyan

    1. Hi Chea Kallyan,
      Please try again. I think there are some issues with the server.
      I have sent you an email. Please let me know if the problem continues.


  73. Hi, MinMin. I’m going to teach a kid with no basic of mandarin. I would like to get some course material and advise from you that what should i start teaching the little child. Thank you.

  74. Hi I am very happy to have found this site. i have visited China twice and love the country. I would like to learn chinese as well as teach my son who is 3 years old some words. How can I introduce it to him and learn in a fun way/ Do you have any basic songs that we can learn ?

  75. hi MIN , thanks for writting this wonderfull site. i visited china last year i love the culture, food and business, it`s a great place to make business. so at this moment i ‘m learning chinese, i’m learning 10 chinese character everyday, i practice it a lot, but i have some problems with pronunciation, in my country Peru,no body speaks chinese, that is one disadvantage for me, i hope you and your site could help me in this was.

    1. Hi Josias,
      That would be a lot to learn 10 characters per day. But I believe you can make it if you learn it hard.
      Have you downloaded my free Pinyin ebook? That would help you a lot in your Chinese pronunciation. Try to get your all the tones correct before you proceed.

  76. Hi Min Min

    Your website is incredible. Thank you for sharing your language and culture with us.


    Ana from Canada

  77. Hi, Min Min,
    First of all, I would like to thank you for showing me that learning chinese is not as difficult as I thought it would be.
    Than, I want to congratulate you for this wonderful and really helpful site. I’m trying to learn chinese by myself at home and I would be happy if you could send me a private email so that I can contact you whenever ” I’m in trouble ” with chinese learning 🙂
    Thank you so much.

    Andra from Romania

  78. Hi Min Min,

    Your website is very helpful to me. I learn Chinese Mandarin every day from your website. Anyway, why don’t you provide donate button (via paypal or whatever) so we can support you financially?

  79. Hi Min Min,

    Your website is quite useful. Can you teach me Chinese via QQ? I’d really appreciate that. Actually, I want to settle in China for the future, and I’d love to serve Chinese nation with my Computer Engineering as well as language skills. I can already speak 10+ languages, but I’d like to increase my knowledge of languages further more. There is an old say too, “Never say enough”. I believe in that hehe. I want to marry someone from China in future as well, so I must learn this beautiful language. My QQ number is : 2261359228. Please add me, and help me learn this beautiful language.

    1. Hi Faraz Masood,
      Thanks for finding my website useful.
      I hope you can find a girl you love in China. Please let me know if you have any problem in learning Chinese. I am always here to help.

  80. Hello

    I was wondering if there’s a way to generate my English name into a Chinese name for both my given and family name? 🙂

    1. Hi Julie,
      You can use translate.google.com to generate Chinese name.
      For Julie, it is ” 朱莉 “。
      Can you tell me both your given and family name?

      1. Hi Julie,
        I think Phuong is not an English name. Is it pronounced as “Fuong”?
        If so, we can translate it as ” 风” 。

  81. Hello Min Min,
    There was an Apps button on your site today but when I pressed it on my iPad it
    got me to a game app, completely unrelated to yours.
    What was the button supposed to do?

  82. Chinese is quite a tough language. I started learning the basics from a proper tutor a few years back but due to some reason I discontinued. I think I will start again from here now. Thanks!

  83. dear minmin
    i have hit the JACKPOT!!
    i have got a site that is a TREASURE in the ocean of the chinese language fraternity
    a MENTOR like you needs a big THANK YOU from all of us learners
    kolkata india

    1. Hi ehzakir,
      Thanks for visiting my website.
      I will continue to post free good Chinese learning materials on the site.

  84. I’m very happy that i have fine this site it is very amazing one. Should i can speak and writing by myself.
    Thank You very much Min Min.

  85. Hi Min Min,

    Thank you so very much for making this website! I work at a scientific research foundation in the United States with four Chinese scientists, and I want to learn Chinese so I can speak with them in their native tongue. They are from Harbin and Changchun. I have always been fascinated by Chinese, and I have made it one of my life goals to learn. I will follow your website everyday, and, slowly but surely, I will master this ancient and beautiful language.

    Thank you again, and I look forward to being able to communicate with you in Mandarin soon enough!


    John Ice

    1. Hi John,
      You have a great environment to speak Chinese. Try to communicate with them in Chinese to practice Chinese.
      I believe you will be able to speak Chinese well soon.

    1. Hi Dario,
      I am working on a Windows application, with 300++ most common words.
      However, there will a small fee for the app.
      Are you interested to get one? 🙂

  86. Hi! Min Min
    Now I try to learn Chinese. I hope you can help me improve my Chinese Language become better. Can you?

  87. I keep finding different versions of the song ‘ni wa wa’ online. Could you please post the traditional version with English words and pronunciation

  88. Hey Min Min!

    I am a girl from Portugal who fell in love – first with China, and then with a Chinese man. We will be getting married in the near future, and I really want to learn Chinese so that I can help him with his business and more importantly, communicate with his family!

    This website has been a great help to me, and I will keep following it everyday! Thank you for your hard work!

  89. Hi Min Min!

    Thank you very much for putting up this website! I am from the Philippines and I want to learn Chinese because my husband is fluent in Mandarin and since our daughter is now enrolled in a Chinese school, I want to be able to join when they converse. 🙂 Very helpful!

    Again, thanks a lot!

  90. Hi Min Min,

    Thanks for hosting this site, iam new in china and wants to communicate with my co-worker in same language.
    I just came across this site and really enjoyed the way it presented.

    Thanks a lot again,
    Vishesh Anand

  91. Hi Min Min

  92. Hello Min Min,
    I’ve been getting the e-mail Free online learning blog since 2013. I loved the way there was an animated GIF to show the stroke order.The last mail was dated 10/24/2014. Have you stopped sending these types of mail? I don’t seem to have the animation now. I used to study them almost like a complete language class. Very good work. Thank you.

  93. Hello Min Min

    thank you for creating this page. I am interested in learning Chinese. I was always a little bit afraid of complexity of your mother tongue. Recently I came to the idea to start learning characters and their meaning first and after some time to enroll in a language course to learn good pronounciation and grammar. I like very much your way of presenting animated characters with shows the order of strokes which should be followed when writing. It’s a very nice idea to learn step by step one character a day. I also like worksheets which I can print out and practice writing. Thanks for your work. Best regards. Joanna

  94. Hi Min Min. I’m starting to follow your posts by rss. I wish learn a lot chinesse. I admire the Chinesse culture specially the discipline of chinesse people. I’m from Costa Rica, my native language is spanish.

    Can you give me some tips to learn Chinesse?

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Freddy Ulate,
      Thanks for visiting my website.
      If you want to learn to speak and read Chinese correctly, you should start by learning the pronunciation. You can download the free Pinyin (Chinese pronunciation) ebook that I create here:

      In term of vocabulary, grammar and sentence structure, you can download my Most Common Chinese word here and learn about the Chinese Sentence Structure and Word Order as well.

  95. Yes it’s better to learn a language from different perspectives. The listening and speaking are not difficult for me, but the reading and writing are really hard. And I am 17 this year and try to go China next year.

    I have taken the live online lesson to learn it for nearly one year, by real communication with a native-Chinese teacher from eChineseLearning. https://bit.ly/3gPfQdc
    As a result, it is good. What do you think about this method of learning?

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