Worksheet 413

Dear readers,
I have been posting Chinese characters every day for more than 8 years. It is more than 2000++ characters that I have posted.
I think it is time for me to take a break to re-visit and re-enhance the characters and tutorials that I have posted all these years. I am thinking to recreate some of the low-quality sounds and the missing animated stroke images, especially those early year posts. I am not sure how long it will take for me to come back posting new characters again. But I hope it will be soon.
Happy learning and keep learning .
— From Min Min

Click on the download button to download Chinese Character Worksheet. Happy learning!

Worksheet 413:

钩 艘 综 隆 曝

learn Chinese - download free Chinese worksheet

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2 thoughts on “Worksheet 413”

  1. Min Min; I just discovered your site with all the worksheets. Wow, what a lot of work you put into this. This is wonderful. I appreciated many of your explanations of topics like Chinese sentence structure and commonly confused Chinese characters. A very good product that I hope you can continue.

    – Phil –

    1. Hi Phil Van Dyke,
      Thank for visiting my website. It has been great experience sharing my limited Chinese language knowledge with people who want to learn Chinese from all over the world. I have tried my best to explain the language in a very basic and understandable manner.
      I hope you find my website useful.

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