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Pronunciation : diāo
Meaning :
  1. carve. (v)
  2. sculpture. (n)
  3. vulture. (n)
Radical :
Strokes : 16
Traditional :
Usage : 3.6%
Common Words / Phrases:
diāo kè
: engrave; carve
diāo sù
: sculpture
1. The statue was carved out of wood.
zhè zuò xiàng shì yòng cái diāo de
: this
: measure word
塑像 : statue
: is
: use
木材 : wood
雕刻 : carve
: used at the end of a declarative sentence for emphasis
2. There’s a statue in the centre of the square.
guǎng chǎng zhōng xīn yǒu zuò diāo
广场 : the square
中心 : centre
: have
: one
: measure word
雕塑 : statue
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