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Pronunciation : shèng
Meaning :
  1. flourishing. (adj)
  2. intense. (adj)
  3. grand. (adj)
  4. abundant. (adj)
  5. popular. (adj)
  6. deeply. (adj)
Radical :
Strokes : 11
Traditional :
Usage : 8.8%
Notes : also as chéng
Common Words / Phrases:
mào shèng
: exuberant; flourishing
shèng chǎn
: teem with; abound in
shèng kāi
: be in full bloom
shèng xíng
: be in fashion; be rife
shèng qíng
: great kindness
1. This style is popular this year.
zhè zhǒng kuǎn shì jīn nián hěn shèng
: this
: kind
款式 : style
今年 : this year
: very
: popular
2. This region produces large quantities of coal.
zhè shèng chǎn méi
: this
地区 : region; area
盛产 : produce
: coal
3. The peach trees are in full bloom in spring.
chūn tiān táo huā shèng kāi
春天 : spring
桃花 : peach tree
盛开 : be in full bloom
4. Thank you for having me.
xiè xiè nín de shèng qíng kuǎn dài
谢谢您 : thank you
: particle used after an attribute; to
盛情 : great kindness
款待 : give a cordial hospitality
5. Miniskirts are all the craze again.
qún zài shèng xíng
迷你裙 : Miniskirts
再次 : once again
盛行 : be in fashion; be rife
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