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Pronunciation : shèn
Meaning :
  1. careful. (adj)
Radical :
Strokes : 13
Traditional : ( Stroke Order )
Usage : 3.9%
Common Words / Phrases:
shèn zhòng
: cautious; prudent
jǐn shèn
: careful; prudent
1. This problem needs to be considered carefully.
zhè ge wèn yào shèn zhòng kǎo
: this
: measure word
问题 : problem
需要 : need to be
慎重 : carefully
考虑 : consider
2. He is discreet in choosing his friends.
jiāo yǒu hěn jǐn shèn
: he
交友 : make friend
: very
谨慎 : careful; prudent
3. The stock markets are going wild and the investors are being prudent.
shì chǎng wěn dìng tóu zhě dōu hěn xiǎo xīn jǐn shèn
市场 : stock market
: not
稳定 : stable
投资者 : investor
: all
: very
小心 : careful
谨慎 : careful; prudent
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