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Pronunciation : yòu
Meaning :
    Radical :
    Strokes : 9
    Traditional : ( Stroke Order )
    Usage : 4.2%
    Common Words / Phrases:
    yòu huò
    : entice; tempt; seduce
    lì yòu
    : lure by promise of gain
    1. I have a weak will and I can’t resist temptations.
    zhì ruò jìn yòu huò
    : my
    意志 : will
    薄弱 : weak
    禁不起 : can’t resist
    诱惑 : temptation
    2. Irresistible temptation.
    dǎng zhù de yòu huò
    抵挡 : withstand; resist
    不住 : can’t
    : particle used after an attribute; to
    诱惑 : temptation
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