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Pronunciation : jiè
Meaning :
  1. fall due. (v)
  2. classifier for events, meetings, elections, sporting fixtures, years (of graduation). (measure word)
  3. period. (n)
Radical :
Strokes : 8
Traditional :
Usage : 5.3%
Common Words / Phrases:
běn jiè
: this year; current
1. This year’s sports event was a great success.
běn jiè yùn dòng huì bàn hěn chéng gōng
本届 : this (session)
运动会 : sports event
: hold
: particle used to link a verb or an adjective to a complement which describes the manner or degree
: very
成功 : successful
2. He will run for the next US president.
huì jìng xuǎn xià jiè měi guó zǒng tǒng
: he
: will
竞选 : run for
下一届 : next (session)
美国 : US
总统 : president
3. He was the winner of the swimming in the previous Olympic Games.
shì shàng jiè ào yùn huì yóu yǒng guàn jūn
: he
: is
上届 : previous (session)
奥运会 : Olympic Games
游泳 : swimming
冠军 : champion
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