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Pronunciation : sōu
Meaning :
  1. to search. (v)
Radical :
Strokes : 12
Traditional :
Usage : 5.0%
Common Words / Phrases:
sōu suǒ
: search for
sōu xún
: hunt for
sōu chá
: search
1. The police are hunting down the escaped convict.
jǐng chá zhèng zài sōu suǒ táo fàn
警察 : police
正在 : in the process of
搜索 : search
逃犯 : escapee
2. You can use Google to search it.
yòng sōu suǒ xià
: you
: use
谷歌 : Google
搜索 : search
一下 : measure word
3. The animals forage in the woods.
dòng zài shù lín zhōng sōu xún shí
动物 : animal
: at
树林 : forest
: in
搜寻 : search
食物 : food
4. We searched every inch of the house.
men chè de sōu chá le jiān fáng zi
我们 : we
彻底地 : thoroughly; completely
搜查 : search
: particle indicating that something has happened
: that
: measure word
房子 : house
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