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Pronunciation : shì
Meaning :
  1. swear. (v)
  2. vow. (n)
Radical :
Strokes : 14
Traditional :
Usage : 2.5%
Common Words / Phrases:
fā shì
: swear; vow
shì sǐ
: pledge one’s life; dare to die
shì yán
: oath
1. She had made a pledge to her husband and would keep it.
xiàng zhàng shì bìng qiě xíng shì yán
: she
: to
丈夫 : husband
发誓 : vow; swear
并且 : and
履行 : carry out; fulfill
誓言 : oath
2. He vowed never to drink alcohol again.
shì zài jiǔ
: she
发誓 : vow
: again
: again
: not
: drink
: alcohol
再也 : again; once more
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