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Pronunciation : chuǎng
Meaning :
  1. to rush; to charge; to dash. (v)
  2. to steel oneself; to temper oneself (through battling hardships). (v)
  3. to stir … up; to get into trouble. (v)
Radical :
Strokes : 6
Traditional : ( Stroke Order )
Usage : 2.4%
Common Words / Phrases:
chuǎng jìn
: burst into; inbreak
chuǎng huò
: get into trouble
1. I was about to leave when he burst in.
zhèng yào kāi jiù chuǎng jìn lái le
: I
正要 : about to
离开 : leave
: he
: then
: rush; dash; burst in
进来 : in
: particle indicating that something has happened
2. She crashed because she jumped the traffic lights.
yīn chuǎng hóng dēng suǒ cái dǎo zhì chē huò
: she
: because of
: beat (the traffic lights); jump (the traffic lights)
红灯 : red light
所以 : therefore
: only
导致 : cause
撞车 : car accident
3. He burst into the room furiously with a fierce look.
chōng chōng de chuǎng le jìn lái
: he
怒冲冲 : furiously
: (particle) used after adverbial
: rush; dash; burst in
: particle indicating that something has happened
进来 : in
4. You had got yourself into trouble.
chuǎng huò le
: you
闯祸 : get into trouble
: particle indicating that something has happened
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