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Pronunciation : chǒu
Meaning :
  1. ugly. (adj)
  2. disgraceful. (adj)
Radical :
Strokes : 4
Traditional : 醜;丑 ( Stroke Order )
Usage : 3.3%
Common Words / Phrases:
chǒu lòu
: ugly
xiǎo chǒu
: clown
chū chǒu
: make a fool of oneself; bring shame on oneself
chǒu wén
: scandal
1. This vase is a bit ugly.
zhè huā píng yǒu diǎn chǒu
: this
花瓶 : vase
有点 : a bit
: ugly
2. The baboon is very ugly.
fèi fèi fēi cháng chǒu lòu
狒狒 : baboon
非常 : is; very
丑陋 : ugly
3. She became very fat and ugly in only one year.
zài nián nèi biàn yòu pàng yòu chǒu
: she
: at
一年 : one year
: in; inside
: become; change
: used after a verb or an adjective to express possibility or capability
又…又 : and
: fat
: ugly
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