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Pronunciation : zhǔ
Meaning :
  1. to cook / to boil. (v)
Radical :
Strokes : 12
Traditional :
Usage : 1.4%
Common Words / Phrases:
shēng mǐ zhǔ chéng shóu fàn
: the rice is cooked—what’s done can’t be undone
1. We boiled up hot dogs for lunch.
men cān zhǔ gǒu chī
我们 : we
午餐 : lunch
: cook
热狗 : hot dog
: eat
2. The rice is ready.
fàn jīng zhǔ hǎo le
: rice
已经 : already
: cook
: done; finish
: particle indicating that something has happened
3. Is the meat done yet?
ròu zhǔ shú le ma?
: meat
: cook
: cooked; ripe
: particle indicating that something has happened
: question tag
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