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Pronunciation : xiōng
Meaning :
  1. ferocious. (adj)
  2. unlucky. (adj)
  3. terrible. (adj)
  4. act of violence. (n)
Radical :
Strokes : 4
Traditional : 凶;兇 ( Stroke Order )
Usage : 6.4%
Common Words / Phrases:
xiōng shǒu
: murderer
xiōng měng
: violent; ferocious
xiōng cán
: fierce and cruel
xiōng duō jí shǎo
: bode ill rather than well;be fraught with grim possibilities; invite disasters rather than blessings
1. Don’t be so fiendish.
yào me xiōng
: you
不要 : don’t be
那么 : so
: fierce; fiendish
2. The two men had a terrible quarrel.
men liǎ chǎo hěn xiōng
他们 : they
: both
: quarrel
: used after a verb or an adjective to express possibility or capability
: very
: terrible
3. Sharks are the most ferocious animal in ocean.
shā shì hǎi yáng zhōng zuì xiōng měng de dòng
鲨鱼 : shark
: is
海洋 : ocean
: in
: most
凶猛 : violent; ferocious
: particle used after an attribute; to
动物 : animal
4. Who is the murderer?
shuí shì xiōng shǒu ?
: who
: is
凶手 : murderer
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