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Pronunciation : chǔ
Meaning :
  1. to store; to keep; to save and preserve. (v)
Radical :
Strokes : 12
Traditional : ( Stroke Order )
Usage : 5.3%
Common Words / Phrases:
chǔ xù
: save; have a deposit
chǔ cún
: store; stockpile
chǔ cáng
: store; keep; save and preserve
chǔ bèi
: lay in; lay up; accumulate
1. He kept his savings in the bank.
de chú cún zài yín háng
: he
: particle used to shift the object to before the verb
他的 : his
储蓄 : saving
: keep; save
: at
银行 : bank
: in; inside
2. His target is to save $100 a week.
de biāo shì měi zhōu chú bǎi yuán
他的 : his
目标 : goal; target
: is
: every
: week
储蓄 : save
一百元 : $100
3. This hard drive can store up to 100Gb worth of information.
zhè ge yìng pán néng chú cún
1 0 0 G
: this
: measure word
硬盘 : hard drive
: can
储存 : store
4. Bees store honey in the cells of the honeycomb.
fēng fēng chǔ cáng zài fēng cháo
蜜蜂 : bees
: particle used to shift the object to before the verb
蜂蜜 : honey
储藏 : store
: at
蜂巢 : honeycomb
: in; inside
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