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Pronunciation : chóu
Meaning :
  1. enemy; rival. (n)
  2. hatred; feud; animosity. (n)
Radical :
Strokes : 4
Traditional :
Usage : 5.2%
Notes : also as qiú
Common Words / Phrases:
bào chóu
: to take revenge; to avenge
chóu hèn
: to hate; hatred; enmity
chóu rén
: enemy
1. He was full of hate in his eyes.
de yǎn zhōng chōng mǎn le chóu hèn
他的 : his
眼中 : eyes
充满 : full
: particle indicating that something has happened
仇恨 : hate
2. He was set on avenging the death of his master.
jué xīn wèi shī fu de bào chóu
: he
决心 : determined
: for
: his
师傅 : master
: particle used after an attribute; to
: death
报仇 : to take revenge; to avenge
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