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Pronunciation : tái
Meaning :
  1. to lift; to raise. (v)
  2. (of two or more persons) to carry. (v)
Radical :
Strokes : 8
Traditional :
Usage : 6.3%
Common Words / Phrases:
tái qǐ
: to lift up
tái tóu
: to raise one’s head
tái gāo
: to raise (price etc)
1. She can carry it.
tái de dòng
: she
: to lift; to raise
: particle used to link a verb or an adjective to a complement which describes the manner or degree
: move
2. Stand up straight with your head up.
zhàn zhí tóu tái lái
站直 : stand up straight
: particle used to shift the object to before the verb
: head
: to lift; to raise
起来 : (after a verb) with an upward movement
3. She paused and lifted up one leg.
tíng xià lái rán hòu tái le tiáo tuǐ
: she
: stop
下来 : (after verb of motion, indicates motion down and towards us, also fig.)
然后 : then
抬起 : lift up
: particle indicating that something has happened
: one
: measure word
: leg
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