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Pronunciation : báo
Meaning :
  1. thin. (adj)
  2. weak; light. (adj)
  3. cold in manner; indifferent. (adj)
  4. infertile. (adj)
Radical :
Strokes : 16
Traditional :
Usage : 6.0%
Notes : also as bó, bò
Common Words / Phrases:
báo bǐng
: pizza; thin pancake
liǎn báo
: thin-skinned; shy
1. The curtains in the dining room are transparent
cān tīng de chuāng lián hěn báo
餐厅 : dining room
: particle used after an attribute; to
窗帘 : curtain
: very
: thin
2. Her blouse was paper thin.
de shàng xiàng zhǐ yàng báo
她的 : her
上衣 : blouse
: like
: paper
一样 : same
: thin
3. I treat her very well.
duì báo
: I
: treat
: her
: not
: cold in manner; indifferent
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