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Pronunciation : rán
Meaning :
  1. burn. (v)
  2. to ignite; to light. (v)
  3. fig. to spark off (hopes); to start (debate); to raise (hopes). (v)
Radical :
Strokes : 16
Traditional :
Usage : 5.1%
Common Words / Phrases:
rán shāo
: burn; kindle
diǎn rán
: light up; kindle; ignite
rán liào
: fuel
1. The sticks will burn for one to two hours.
zhè xiē chái rán shāo liǎng xiǎo shí
这些 : these
: stick
可以 : can
燃烧 : burn
: two
: measure word
小时 : hour
2. A half hour of swimming will burn up 108 calories.
yóu yǒng bàn xiǎo shí jiāng rán shāo diào de liàng
1 0 8
游泳 : swimming
: half
小时 : hour
: will be
燃烧 : burn
: away
卡路里 : calory
: particle used after an attribute; to
热量 : heat (calory)
3. I am going to light another candle now.
xiàn zài zhǔn bèi diǎn rán lìng zhī zhú
现在 : now
: I
准备 : prepare; going to
点燃 : light up; kindle; ignite
: another
: one
: measure word
蜡烛 : candle
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