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Pronunciation : nǎo
Meaning :
  1. angry. (adj)
  2. unhappy. (adj)
Radical :
Strokes : 9
Traditional : ( Stroke Order )
Usage : 4.2%
Common Words / Phrases:
fán nǎo
: be vexed; be worried
ào nǎo
: annoyed; upset; repent
kǔ nǎo
: distressed; vexed
1. Don’t stress over it.
yào wéi zhè shì fán nǎo
不要 : don’t
: because of
: this
: matter
烦恼 : be vexed; be worried
2. He was upset that he didn’t get a better mark in the exam.
yīn méi kǎo hǎo ér ào nǎo
: he
: because of
: not
: (verb) exam
: well; good
: and
懊恼 : upset; repent
3. This debt lies heavy on my mind.
zhè zhài shǐ hěn nǎo
: this
: measure word
债务 : debt
使 : cause; make
: me
: very
苦恼 : distressed; vexed
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