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Pronunciation : duān
Meaning :
  1. end. (n)
  2. start; beginning. (n)
  3. aspect. (n)
  4. reason. (n)
  5. regular; proper; correct. (adj)
  6. carry; to hold sth level with both hands. (v)
Radical :
Strokes : 14
Traditional :
Usage : 12.3%
Common Words / Phrases:
duān zhèng
: upright; regular; proper; correct
jí duān
: extreme
dǐng duān
: summit; peak
wú duān
: for no reason at all
hǎo duān duān
: perfectly all right; without rhyme or reason
kāi duān
: start; beginning
duān zhuāng
: elegant; sedate
1. The meal was brought to the table.
fàn cài duān shàng lái le
饭菜 : meal
: carry; to hold sth level with both hands
上来 : to approach; (verb complement indicating success)
: particle indicating that something has happened
2. Please sit up straight.
qǐng zuò duān zhèng
: please
: sit
端正 : upright; correct
3. He had to resort to desperate measures.
cǎi yòng duān shǒu duàn
: he
不得 : must not; may not
: not
采用 : use
极端 : extreme
手段 : method; means (of doing sth); strategy
4. There was no reason for him to blame me.
duān zhǐ
: he
无端 : for no reason at all
指责 : blame
: me
5. Go back to the top of the page.
huí dào běn de dǐng duān
回到 : back
: this
: page
: particle used after an attribute; to
顶端 : top
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2 thoughts on “端”

  1. June 3rd 2015…Sentence 1 states: fàn cài duān shàng lái le
    饭菜端上来了 and it says it means “The meal was brought to the table.” The sentence does not contain the word “table”. Confused, please help!

    1. Hi CJ Wysong,
      Yes. The table is omitted.
      When we speak, we won’t mention the table as we know it is brought to the table.

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