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Pronunciation : tòu
Meaning :
  1. to penetrate; to pass through. (v)
  2. transparent. (n)
  3. thoroughly; completely. (adv)
  4. to appear; to show. (v)
Radical :
Strokes : 10
Traditional :
Usage : 9.7%
Common Words / Phrases:
tòu míng
: transparent; clearing
tòu guò
: through
tòu lù
: to leak out; to divulge; to reveal
kàn tòu
: to see through
chuān tòu
: to penetrate
1. The sun shone through a rift in the clouds.
yáng guāng tòu guò yún zhào shè xià lái
阳光 : the sun
透过 : through
: cloud
: gap, crack
照射 : to shine on
下来 : down
2. We will go outside the house and have some fresh air.
men huì wài tòu tòu
我们 : we
: will
: go to
屋外 : outside the house
透(透)气 : air out
3. I’m soaked to the skin.
hún shēn dōu shī tòu le
: I
浑身 : whole body
: already
湿 : wet; soaked
: completely
: particle indicating that something has happened
4. These mangoes are completely ripe.
zhè xiē máng guǒ shú tòu le
这些 : these
芒果 : mangoes
: rite
: completely
: particle indicating that something has happened
5. I’m revealing to you a secret recipe.
yào xiàng tòu pèi fāng
: I
: want to
: to
: you
透露 : reveal
: one
: measure word
秘密 : secret
配方 : recipe
6. The bird flew into the crystal clear window.
zhè zhī xiǎo niǎo zhuàng shàng le tòu míng de chuāng hu
: this
: measure word
小鸟 : bird
: bump against
: on
: particle indicating that something has happened
透明 : transparent
: particle used after an attribute; to
窗户 : window
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