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Pronunciation :
Meaning :
    Radical :
    Strokes : 7
    Traditional :
    Usage : 9.6%
    Common Words / Phrases:
    nǔ lì
    : make great efforts; try hard
    1. I’ll try my very best.
    huì jìn zuì de
    : I
    : will
    : to the greatest extent; to use up
    : most
    : big; best
    : particle used after an attribute; to
    努力 : great effort; to strive; to try hard
    2. I am trying to learn Chinese.
    zhèng zài de xué hàn
    : I
    正在 : in the process of (doing something or happening); while (doing)
    努力 : great effort; to strive; to try hard
    学习 : learn
    汉语 : Chinese
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    learn Chinese
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