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Pronunciation :
Meaning :
  1. animal hide; leather. (n)
  2. expel from office. (v)
  3. transform; change. (v)
Radical :
Strokes : 9
Traditional :
Usage : 23.3%
Common Words / Phrases:
gǎi gé
: reform; change
gé mìng
: revolution
pí gé
: leather; hide
gé xīn
: innovation
gé zhí
: remove from office;dismiss
1. Character reform in China has been carried out for many years.
zhōng guó de wén gǎi jing jìn xíng le duō nián
中国 : China
: particle used after an attribute; to
文字 : character
改革 : revolution; reform
已经 : already
进行 : carry out
: particle indicating that something has happened
多年 : many years
2. After the revolution the aristocracy was finished.
mìng zhī hòu guì tǒng zhì jiě le
革命 : revolution
之后 : after
贵族 : aristocrat
统治 : ruling; domination
瓦解 : finish; collapse
: particle indicating that something has happened
3. The lieutenant was stripped of her rank.
zhè míng shàng wèi bèi zhí le
: this
: measure word
: lady; woman
上尉 : lieutenant
: (particle) used to form a set phrase with a passive meaning
革职 : remove from office;dismiss
: particle indicating that something has happened
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