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Pronunciation : lüè
Meaning :
    Radical :
    Strokes : 11
    Traditional :
    Usage : 17.1%
    Common Words / Phrases:
    cè lüè
    : strategy
    jiǎn lüè
    : brief; simple
    zhàn lüè
    : strategy
    qīn lüè
    : invade and loot
    1. We should change our strategy if we want to win.
    guǒ yào yíng men jiù yīng gāi gǎi biàn lüè
    如果 : if
    : want to
    : win
    我们 : we
    : that; as soon as; at once
    应该 : should
    改变 : change
    策略 : strategy
    2. He gave a brief description of the situation at the company.
    jiǎn luè jiè shào le gōng de qíng kuàng
    : he
    简略 : briefly
    介绍 : introduce
    : particle indicating that something has happened
    公司 : company
    : particle used after an attribute; to
    情况 : situation
    3. I can see a risk in this strategy.
    jué zhè xiàng zhàn lüè miàn lín fēng xiǎn
    : I
    觉得 : feel
    : this
    : measure word
    战略 : strategy
    面临 : be confronted with
    风险 : risk
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