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Pronunciation : cǎi
Meaning :
  1. pick, gather; collect. (v)
  2. extract. (v)
  3. choose; adopt. (v)
  4. color and facial expression; complexion. (n)
Radical :
Strokes : 8
Traditional : ( Stroke Order )
Usage : 20.9%
Notes : also as cài
Common Words / Phrases:
cǎi qǔ
: adopt; employ; take
cǎi yòng
: adopt; employ; use
cǎi fǎng
: cover; gather material report
cǎi gòu
: buy; purchase
kāi cǎi
: mine; extract; exploit
1. The doctor suggested that he take conservative treatment.
shēng jiàn cǎi bǎo shǒu liáo
医生 : doctor
建议 : suggest
: he
采取 : adopt; employ; take
保守 : conservative
疗法 : treatment
2. They took a wait-and-see attitude.
men cǎi guān wàng de tài
他们 : they
采取 : adopt; employ; take
观望 : wait-and-see
: particle used after an attribute; to
态度 : attitude
3. The teacher has adopted an interactive method of teaching.
lǎo shī cǎi yòng dòng jiāo xué fāng shì
老师 : teacher
采用 : adopt; use
互动 : interactive
教学 : teaching; education
方式 : method
4. The farmers often gather medical plants in the mountains.
yào nóng jīng cháng shàng shān cǎi yào
药农 : farmer
经常 : always; often
上山 : to go up a hill or mountain
: pick, gather; collect
: medicine; (medical plants)
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