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Pronunciation :
Meaning :
  1. a benefit from something. (n)
  2. to make beneficial. (adj)
  3. to increase or grow in size. (adv)
Radical :
Strokes : 10
Traditional :
Usage : 18.7%
Common Words / Phrases:
yì chu
: benefit; profit
lì yì
: advantage; interest; profit
yǒu yì
: profitable; beneficial; useful
rì yì
: day by day
1. Drinking an appropriate amount of water every day is good for one’s health.
měi tiān yǐn yòng shì liàng de bái kāi shuǐ yǒu jiàn kāng
每天 : every day
饮用 : drink
适量 : appropriate amount
: particle used after an attribute; to
白开水 : plain boiled water
有益 : profitable; beneficial; useful
健康 : health
2. Excessive mineral water is not good for your health.
guò duō yǐn yòng kuàng quán shuǐ duì shēn
过多 : Excessive
饮用 : drink
矿泉水 : mineral water
: to; towards
身体 : body; health
无益 : not good
3. It’s bad that you only care for your own immediate interests.
zhǐ de yǎn qián shì duì de
: you
: only
: care
自己 : own
: particle used after an attribute; to
眼前 : immediate
利益 : advantage; interest; profit
: is
不对 : not right
: used at the end of a declarative sentence for emphasis
4. His living condition is getting better and better.
de shēng huó zhuàng kuàng hǎo zhuǎn
他的 : his
生活 : life; living
状况 : condition
日益 : day by day
好转 : improve
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