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Pronunciation : yǐn
Meaning :
  1. to draw (e.g. a bow); to pull; to stretch sth; to extend. (v)
  2. lead; guide. (v)
  3. cause; make. (v)
  4. quote; cite. (v)
Radical :
Strokes : 4
Traditional :
Usage : 25.1%
Common Words / Phrases:
yǐn qǐ
: to give rise to; to lead to; to cause; to arouse
xī yǐn
: to attract (interest, investment etc)
gōu yǐn
: to seduce; to tempt
1. The garbage in the kitchen attracted ants.
chú fáng de shèng fàn yǐn lái le
厨房 : kitchen
: in
: particle used after an attribute; to
剩饭 : leftovers
: attract; lead
: come
: particle indicating that something has happened
蚂蚁 : ants
2. What he said aroused a blast of guffaw .
de huà yǐn jiā zhèn hōng xiào
他的 : his
: word
引起 : attract
大家 : everyone
一阵 : a burst; a fit; a peal; a spell (period of time)
哄笑 : (Many people) to laugh loudly together.
3. The concert attracted more than 3000 people.
yīn yuè huì yǐn le sān qiān duō rén qián lái cān jiā
音乐会 : concert
吸引 : attact
: particle indicating that something has happened
三千 : 3000
: more
: people
前来 : come
参加 : participate
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