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Pronunciation : jiāng
Meaning :
  1. stiff. (adj)
  2. deadlocked. (adj)
Radical :
Strokes : 15
Traditional :
Usage : 1.9%
Common Words / Phrases:
jiāng yìng
: stiff; rigid
jiāng shī
: Chinese vampire; zombie
1. I’m frozen.
hún shēn dòng jiāng le
: I
浑身 : all over; from head to foot
: freeze
: stiff
: particle indicating that something has happened
2. Be careful what you say – you don’t want to reach a deadlock.
shuō huà zhù diǎn bié shì qing nòng jiāng le
说话 : talk; say
注意 : be careful
: a bit
: don’t
: particle used to shift the object to before the verb
事情 : matter
: to mess with; to do
: deadlocked
: particle indicating that something has happened
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