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Pronunciation : shí
Meaning :
  1. eat; take a meal. (v)
  2. food. (n)
  3. eclipse. (n)
Radical :
Strokes : 9
Traditional :
Usage : 18.1%
Notes : also sì
Common Words / Phrases:
shí wù
: food
liáng shi
: foodstuff; cereals
shí pǐn
: foodstuff; food
yǐn shí
: food and drink; ; diet
1. He was poisoned by the poisonous mushrooms.
yīn wèi shí jūn lèi shí yǐn shí zhòng
: he
因为 : because
误食 : to eat by mistake
菌类 : mushrooms
食物 : food
引起 : cause
食物 : food
中毒 : be poisoned
食物中毒 : food poisoning
2. A healthy diet includes vegetables and fruit.
jiàn kāng yǐn shí zhōng bāo kuò shū cài shuǐ guǒ
健康 : healthy
饮食 : diet
: in
包括 : include
蔬菜 : vegetables
: and
水果 : fruit
3. Binge-eating is bad for one’s health.
bào yǐn bào shí duì jiàn kāng
: brutal; vicious
暴饮暴食 : Binge-eating
: to
健康 : health
不利 : bad
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