4 thoughts on “Commonly Confused Chinese Characters – VI”

  1. Hi Min Min,

    Thanks for the post.

    I am a bit confused after going through this post. It is regarding the pronunciation of characters which has been mentioned along with in the paréntesis.

    For ex. For the first set of characters, the pronunciations mentioned are (zhàng / dà) but while I click on the characters, I find the pronunciations as chǎng and yáng respectively.

    I will appreciate if you can clear this doubt.

    Thanks in advance!

    1. He he, Nikhil, I think I can tell you. Min Min seems to have got mixed up and posted the pronunciations of last week’s commonly confused characters. Using the pinyin generator on this site, I thing this week’s pronunciations are:

      场 杨 (chǎng / yáng)
      兄 况 (xiōng / kuàng)
      急 忽 (jí / hū)
      农 衣 (nóng / yī)
      古 舌 (gǔ / shé)

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