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Pronunciation : jué
Meaning :
  1. cut … off. (v)
  2. extinct; disappear. (v)
  3. vanish. (v)
  4. absolutely. (adv)
  5. hopeless. (adj)
  6. superb. (adj)
Radical :
Strokes : 9
Traditional : ( Stroke Order )
Usage : 21.71%
Common Words / Phrases:
jué duì
: absolute; unconditional
jù jué
: to refuse; to decline; to reject
jué wàng
: to despair; to give up all hope
1. Children aren’t allowed to drink alcohol.
ér tóng yǐn jiǔ shì jué duì yǔn de
儿童 : children
: drink
: alcohol; wine
: is
绝对 : absolutely
: not
允许 : allow
: used at the end of a declarative sentence for emphasis
2. He refused to sign the contract.
jué qiān tóng
: he
拒绝 : refuse
: sign
合同 : contract
3. Tom proposed to her but was declined.
tāng xiàng qiú hūn dàn bèi jué le
汤姆 : Tom
: to
: her
求婚 : propose
: but
: particle used to form a set phrase with a passive meaning
拒绝 : decline
: particle indicating that something has happened
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