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Pronunciation :
Meaning :
  1. jade. (n)
  2. beauty. (n)
Radical :
Strokes : 5
Traditional :
Usage : 10.8%
Common Words / Phrases:
yù mǐ
: corn; maize
yù tǐ
: beauty’s body
yù shǔ shǔ
: corn; maize
1. An uncut gem goes not sparkle. (one cannot become useful without being educated.)
zhuó chéng
: jade
: not
: cut and polished
: not
: become
: utensil; things that are useful
2. I like this jade bracelet very much.
huan zhè zhī bái de shǒu zhuó
: I
喜欢 : like
: this
: measure word
: white
: jade
: (particle) used after an attribute; to
手镯 : bracelet
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