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Pronunciation : zhī
Meaning :
  1. juice. (n)
Radical :
Strokes : 5
Traditional :
Usage : 1.4%
Notes : also as shī; xié; zhī
Common Words / Phrases:
guǒ zhī
: fruit juice
mò zhī
: Chinese caligraphy ink
1. I would like to have a glass of tomato juice.
yào bēi fān qié zhī
: I
: want
一杯 : a glass of
番茄汁 : tomato juice
2. i couldn’t find a good solution althouhg I have racked my brain
jiǎo jìn nǎo zhī xiǎng chū hǎo fāng àn
: I
绞尽脑汁 : racked brains
: still
想不出 : couldn’t find
: good
方案 : solution
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