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Pronunciation : xiǎn
Meaning :
  1. display; show; manifest. (v)
  2. be apparent; be obvious; be noticeable. (adj)
  3. illustrious & infuential. (adj)
Radical :
Strokes : 9
Traditional : ( Stroke Order )
Usage : 25.5%
Common Words / Phrases:
xiǎn de
: look; seem; appear
xiǎn rán
: in evidence
xiǎn shì
: show; display; demonstrate
xiǎn zhù
: notable; striking; marked; outstanding
míng xiǎn
: clear; obvious
xiǎn wēi jìng
: microscope
dà xiǎn shēn shǒu
: be at one’s best; cut a brilliant figure
xiǎn xiàn
: appear; show
1. He looks impressive in a suit.
chuān shàng zhuāng xiǎn de hěn shén
穿 西
: he
穿上 : put on; attire in
西装 : suit
显得 : look; seem; appear
: very
神气 : impressive
2. The thermometer shows that you are running a fever: your body temperature has reached 40°.
wēn xiǎn shì xiàn zài shāo shí
体温计 : thermometer
显示 : show
: you
现在 : now
发烧 : fever
四十 : 40
: degree
3. It’s a clear case of blackmail!
zhè xiǎn rán shì qiāo zhà
: this
显然 : in evidence
: is
敲诈 : blackmail
4. The people’s standard of living has visibly improved.
rén mín de shēng huó shuǐ píng míng xiǎn gāo le
人民 : people
: (particle) used after an attribute; to
生活 : living
水平 : standard
明显 : visibly
提高 : improved
: (particle) used for an anticipated or presupposed action
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  1. Hi Min Min,

    i just registered on your site, and i cant believe that i have the honor to be first to congratulate you on 1.000 Daily words and 200 Weekly activities.
    i’ve been coming to your site for few weeks and its very useful.
    there are many sites, but i chose yours as my main source for Chinese.
    and i cant wait to see 2.000 because by then i will surely write to you in (bad) Chinese!

    Bravo for Great work

    1. Hi Vigi,
      Yes. I have posted 1000 characters over the past 4 years.
      Thanks for all your supports.

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