Conversation : 一帆风顺 (Plain sailing) – Part II


形容 xíng róng describe
事情 shì qíng thing, matter
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不仅仅 bú jǐn jǐn not just

意思 yì sī meaning
杀掉 shā diào kill
风头 fēng tóu limelight
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泄气 xiè qì lose heart
什么?原来 Rob 只不过是坐了几次摆渡而已!

原来 yuán lái all along
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摆渡 bǎi dù ferry
  • Here is the full conversation along with the audio:

Rob: Hi! I’m Rob. And this is Li!

Li: Hello.

Rob: The weather is so great today we’re outside on the sea, sailing in this beautiful boat. What do you think Li?

Li: Impressive. 我怎么一点儿都不知道 Rob 拥有一条帆船,而且还会驾驶呢。 Rob, I didn’t know you had a sailing boat – in fact I didn’t know you could sail a boat!

Rob: Don’t worry Li, I know what I’m doing.

Li: Mind that rock!

Rob: Whoa! It’s ok Li. I’m in control – just keep your hand on that rope. We’ve got the wind in our sails, the sea is calm – we can just easily sail around this island and be home in time for tea.

Li: Oh right. Rob 让我别担心,说有他掌控着帆船,不会出问题。这叫一帆风顺。 I was just saying Rob, it’s all plain sailing.

Rob: What? Plain sailing? We’re not sailing any planes Li!

Li: No Rob. Plain sailing. It’s an expression used to describe an activity that goes well or smoothly and is easy and uncomplicated. 一帆风顺。 一切顺利。

Rob: Yes of course – this sailing is going well and is actually quite easy – so you’re right – this is plain sailing. But can we only use the phrase to describe sailing boats?

Li: No – although it was originally a sailing term, it can really refer to any activity. Listen to these examples:

  • Driving through the city was difficult but once we were on the motorway it was plain sailing all the way.
  • Once we found some office space and recruited staff, setting up our business was plain sailing.

Li: 一帆风顺这个词可以用来形容很多事情,不仅仅是驾驶帆船. I have to admit Rob, your sailing skills are very good and …oh watch out for that big wave!

Rob: Whoa…ouch! I’ve hit my head on the boom. Oh no, we’re heading for the rocks again…hold that rope Li, quick!

Li: I’ve changed my mind Rob, this isn’t plain sailing anymore! There, we’re back on course. That’s taken the wind out of your sails Rob.

Rob: Err, it’s still windy Li. Look at the sails.

Li: No Rob. That’s another sailing idiom – to take the wind out of your sails 意思是杀掉你的风头,使人泄气。Let’s hear some other people using this expression:

  • I was all ready for a big argument but when he bought me some flowers it took the wind out of my sails.
  • The negative feedback from my boss has really taken the wind out of my sails.

Rob: Hmm, Li you’ve certainly taught me a lot about sailing today – there are some good expressions – but one thing you haven’t taught me is how to sail this boat.

Li: You said you knew how to sail it.

Rob: Well when I said I had been sailing several times I had….but I meant on a ferry….as a passenger.

Li: 什么?原来 Rob 只不过是坐了几次摆渡而已! Watch out!

Rob: That was close. I’ve a feeling this really isn’t going to be plain sailing after all.

Li: Too right! 再见。

Rob: Bye. Now Li, just pull that rope there.

Source : BBC Learning English (Chinese Version)
Source : BBC Learning English (English Version)

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