Conversation : 发疯/情绪失控 (To go bananas) – Part I

  • While I’m brushing up my English on BBC Learn English website, I found there are a few lessons that come with Chinese version, with a few Chinese sentences in the conversation.
  • So I’m going to use one of the lessons as today’s weekly activity.
  • Before we start the full conversation , let’s look at some of the Chinese sentences and some of the word definitions. I will continue the remaining sentences next week.
今天我的搭档是Neil. 唉,你的情绪怎么这么激动呀…

搭档 dā dàng partner
link1, link2
情绪 qíng xù emotion
link1, link2
激动 jī dòng excited
link1, link2

一夜之间 yī yè zhī jiān overnight
暴发户 bào fā hù nouveau riche, upstart
link1, link2, link3

运气 yùn qì lucky
link1, link2
中了 zhòng le strike
六合彩 liù hé cǎi lottery
link1, link2

短语 duǎn yǔ phrase
link1, link2
表示 biǎo shì indicate
link1, link2
超常 chāo cháng extraordinary
link1, link2
狂喜 kuáng xǐ wild with joy; ecstasy
link1, link2
狂怒 kuáng nù furious; mad with rage
link1, link2
举例 jǔ lì give an example
link1, link2
示范 shì fàn demonstrate
link1, link2
  • Here is the full conversation along with the audio:

Li: Hi and welcome to another edition of Authentic Real English. 今天我的搭档是Neil. 唉,你的情绪怎么这么激动呀…

Neil: Ah, Li, I’m really, really excited! Actually, I haven’t even got a script on me for the programme! I don’t need a script! I don’t need anything! I’m rich beyond my wildest dreams!

Li: Oh, that’s nice. Neil 你怎么一夜之间就成了暴发户?

Neil: … a Mercedes Benz, a Porsche. Maybe well I could get a motorcycle as well and a small boat … maybe a big one… a yacht! I could get a yacht!

Li: Neil, you are going bananas!

Neil: Bananas?! No cheap old fruit for me any more… I am having caviar, champagne, lobster!

Li: Neil! 你没听我在说什么,我说的是 you have gone bananas!

Neil: Sorry Li. I’m very excited because I won the lottery! You know, this week they’ve got this big jackpot to offer and I got all of the numbers right!

Li: Wow, Neil. 你真有运气,竟中了六合彩!

Neil: And ‘to go bananas’ has nothing to do with food, as you know. It’s an expression in English we use when we are so excited that we act almost out of control!

Li: 这是一个很奇怪的短语,表示情绪超常地激动,狂喜或狂怒,我看最好还是举例示范一下吧。

Neil: Good idea. Let me write my shopping list while we listen to some examples of the use of this expression that has nothing to do with the actual fruit:

I’m so happy that I finally got my promotion. Yesterday I went bananas! I ended up running around the office, hugging and kissing my boss and every single co-worker! They probably thought I was mad.

After the team scored its fourth goal in the final the fans went bananas and started to shout and jump up and down!

Neil: So ‘to go bananas’ is not an expression about food but about behaviour. It means to behave in a very over-enthusiastic way, like you’ve gone crazy – an explosion of happiness!

Li: 是啊,你这激动的情绪也感染我了,现在我也想去买点什么, 咱买不起大船,但是我可以买条小船儿,可以在浴缸里玩儿一玩儿或者拿到湖里区去玩儿玩儿,然后再去动物园。

Neil: The zoo? Why the zoo?

Li: 我们说了半天香蕉,我很想去动物园去看看猴子,买一些金黄色的香蕉喂喂猴子! Shiny golden bananas!

Neil: The colour of gold! The most beautiful colour there is! Golden bananas …

Li: Here is another one, 再在给你一个。

Neil: The monkeys might even think that they’ve won the jackpot too!

Li: Goodbye!

Neil: Goodbye!

Source : BBC Learning English (Chinese Version)
Source : BBC Learning English (English Version)

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  1. Thanks Min Min ^_^. It really helping me in Learning Mandarin Chinese especially the characters. Thumbs up 100%! Keep up a good work, Min Min.

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