Common Chinese Expression – 不好意思

  • Today we are going to learn a common Chinese expression: 不好意思 ( bú hǎo yì si) .
  • We have learnt 意思 here and here.
  • 意思 has a few different meanings as following:
    1. meaning, idea
    I see what you mean.
    2. intention; wish; desire
    In my opinion, we should walk.
    3. a token of affection, appreciation, etc.
    This is a small token of our esteem – do accept it.
    4. suggestion; hint; trace
    It looks like rain.
    5. interest; fun
    This series is so boring.
  • 不好意思 ( bú hǎo yì si) means .
  • Here are a few examples:
    I’m very embarrassed for making you wait so long.
    Sorry to trouble you.
    I am sorry my Chinese is not good. But, it is interesting to learn Chinese!
  • That’s all for today. Hope you like this lesson.
  • Have a nice weekend.
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8 thoughts on “Common Chinese Expression – 不好意思”

  1. Expressions , proverbs and sayings are very important part of any language. I like to learn more expressions or sayings in chinese. Thank you for this lesson.

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