Characters with Radical Heart (心)

  • We have learnt the character , which means heart. When it acts as a radical, it can be written below of the character or on the left side of the character. (Radical I)
  • When written below, it is usually written as “心” and we call the radical 心字底 (xīn zi dǐ). e.g. : 想,怒,思
  • When written on the left side, it is usually written as “忄” and we call it 竖心旁 (shù xīn páng). e.g.: 快,慢,情
  • Today we are going to review some of the characters that we have learnt using the radical “心” (心字底), written below of the character.
  • Most of the words with the “心” radical are “heart-related” ( emotion, feeling, mind, thinking or thought).

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  • Here is a list of characters with the radical 心 that we have learnt so far:
    Character Pinyin Meaning Pronunciation Link
    nín you
    xiǎng think
    meaning; idea; thought
    zǒng always
    think; consider; deliberate

    niàn think of; miss

    gǎn feel; sense

    foolish; fool
Watch Videos to Learn
  • In this video, you may have noticed that she wrote the 念 with an extra dot. This is incorrect. Well, sometimes I will make mistakes too. 🙂
  • Happy learning!
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4 thoughts on “Characters with Radical Heart (心)”

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  2. Thank you so much for this helpful post about words with the 心 radical! The audio was very helpful for me as I prepared activities for my daughter to learn these words. I am excited to forward your resource to other parents who are teaching their kids Chinese!

  3. Can somebody be able to help me in the counting of how many Chinese characters are written with the radical word 心 and also the “忄 “

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