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Pronunciation : niǎo
Meaning :
  1. bird. (n)
Radical :
Strokes : 5
Traditional : ( Stroke Order )
Usage : 7.5%
Notes : also as diǎo
Common Words / Phrases:
niǎo cháo
: nest
niǎo lóng
: birdcage
niǎo wō
: roost
niǎo ér
: small bird; birdie
xiǎo niǎo
: birdie
1. A bird launched off.
xiǎo niǎo fēi zǒu le
小鸟 : little bird; bird
: fly
: leave; go away
: (particle) used after an action that has taken place
2. Many birds eat worms.
hěn duō niǎo lèi dōu chóng wéi shí
很多 : many
鸟类 : birds
: all
: with; to use
虫子 : worms
: to be
: food; eat

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    1. Hi klw,
      Yes. It is possible to hide the pinyin with some javascripts.
      But by showing the pinyin, isn’t it easier for the users read?

      Thanks for your suggestion.

      1. Yes it will be easier, but it would also make some of them just read the pinyin only instead of learning to read the characters. I think you could at least hide the pinyin for the sentence example. Or do it like where you have to hover over the sentence to get the pinyin.

        1. Hi klw,
          For some users, what you said is right.
          For some other users, they may find it difficult to read the Pinyin if they need to hover over the sentence. Some users may want to view the Pinyin at a glance.
          However, thanks for your suggestions. I will think about how to let each user to customize the look based on their preference.

  1. I think it will good too, that the pinyin could be hide and revealed. But if you think at hiding stuff, other people will tell you to hide the translation. Pinyin is necessary !!
    . I don’t agree klw about the other web site.
    On my side, I m looking a bit too much at the pinyin, maybe because it s flashy green. you could try to make it less flashy ? I don t have the solution.
    And I think it s just a work on ourself to look only on what you want to see.

    Your website is awesome. I really like it.

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