Rearrange the words V (重组词句)

  • This is a simple exercise. 重组 (chóng zǔ) means rearrange, 词 (cí) means word and 句 (jù) means sentence.
  • Rearrange the characters below to form a meaning sentence.
  • Have a nice weekend.
Sentence 1

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Sentence 2

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Sentence 3

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Sentence 4

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Sentence 5

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Sentence 6

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Sentence 7

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Sentence 8

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Sentence 9

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Sentence 10

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5 thoughts on “Rearrange the words V (重组词句)”

  1. Hi 陆蓝克, 谢谢你经常来我的网站学中文。 我网站中文的声音,都是用 Text-To-Speech
    Sentence 8
    话 嘴 你 说 , 插 别 别 人

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    I have a problem or something the page never loads the words just get blanks do i have to do something to mycomp to make your page’s to load as you can see above this is what i get ……thanks also this learning is harder than i thought very confused you have ma meaning horse and yet same word can mean so many other things i dont know if the difference is just tone of word trying but i dont know

    1. Hi Shari,
      Do you mean all the Chinese characters are not showing ? What browser are you using? Could you please try IE, Firefox or Google Chrome?

      Learning Pinyin should be the first step if you are serious to learn Chinese. Here are the post related to Pinyin that you can find in this website:

      You are right. Chinese is a tonal language, which is very much different from English. Many English native speakers find it very difficult to pronounce Chinese words. Here is an example of ‘ma’, which have different tones with different meanings :绕口令-妈妈骑马/

  2. Hi Shari,

    Perhaps you don’t have the Chinese unicode installed on your computer.
    Normally if you visit a Chines page, the browser should ask you if it needs to download this Chinese unicode for you.
    If you look under view—>code (ie) or under pictogram page–>charactercode(chrome) you should choose utf8.
    You can also install the languagecodes from your windows install cd. Hoe this is done you can see on my site





    1. Hi hyen586,
      Yes. I will try to add more this type of exercise.
      Please visit my website always. And tell your friends to learn Chinese on my website as well.

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