Tongue Twister (绕口令) : 妈妈骑马

  • 绕口令( rào kǒu lìng ), tongue twister / poem, is useful for you to practice Chinese pronunciation correctly.
  • Today, we are going to try a very short 绕口令 to practice tones (声调) in Chinese language.
  • We have learnt about tones before. If you have forgetten, here is the link.
  • This tongue twister is very simple and short. It has only 3 sentences:
Mother is riding a horse.
The horse is moving slowly.
Mother scolds the horse.
  • Here is the complete poem. Practice with the correct tones until you can read it with no mistakes.

  • Female voice:
  • Male voice
  • For vocabulary, we have learnt almost all the words. Here are the meanings and links:
    妈妈 mother link
    ride link
    horse link
    scold link
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