Content Questions I : Who, What, When, How, Where, Why

  • Content questions are used to ask about the identify of a person, an object, a time, a location, or a quantity, or to seek an explanation or process.
  • In English, we can ask questions using “Who, What, When, How, Where, Why”.
  • Today we are going to learn how to ask these type of questions in Chinese.
1. Who
shéi / shuí
1. Who’s at the door?
shuí zài mén wài
2. Who is he talking to?
zài gēn shuí shuō huà ?
2. What
shén me
1. What do you want?
yào shén me
2. What is your ideal in life?
de xiǎng shì shén me ?
3. When
jǐ shí

shén me shí hou
1. When will you come back?
shí huí lái ?
2. When is your vacation?
men shén me shí hou fàng jià ?
4. How
zěn me

zěn yàng
1. How should I address her?
gāi zěn me chēng hu ?
2. How did you spend your holiday?
jià guò de zěn yàng ?
5. Where
nǎ li
nǎ er

shén me dì fang
1. Where do you live?
zhù zài ?
2. Where is he hiding?
cáng zài er ?
3. Where are you from?
shì shén me fang de rén ?
6. Why
wèi shén me
1. Why were you late?
wèi shén me chí dào
2. Why must he do it that way?
wèi shén me yào yàng zuò ?
  • We have learnt most of the characters for these content questions before. Try to practice how to write those characters.
  • Happy learning, and have a nice weekend.
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2 thoughts on “Content Questions I : Who, What, When, How, Where, Why”

    1. Hi yuehan,
      Do you mean Pinyin?
      哪儿 means where, and the pinyin is nǎr or nǎ er if you split them.

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