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Pronunciation : zhuā
Meaning :
  1. grab; seize; clutch. (v)
  2. scratch. (v)
  3. arrest; catch. (v)
  4. stress; pay special attention to. (v)
Radical :
Strokes : 7
Traditional :
Usage : 11.0%
Common Words / Phrases:
zhuā jǐn
: make the most of
zhuā bǔ
: arrest; catch
zhuā shāng
: scratch
1. take a handful of sweets
zhuā táng
: grab
: one
: (measure word) a bunch of (used for flowers and certain abstract ideas)
: sweet
2. That cat scratches.
zhī māo huì zhuā shāng rén
: that
: (measure word) used for boats, birds, some animals, some containers, and one of certain paired things
: cat
: can
: scratch
: injure
: human being
3. He ran fast enough to catch the thief.
pǎo fēi kuài zhuā zhù xiǎo tōu
: he
: run
: (particle) inserted between a verb and its complement to express possibility or capability
: fly
: fast
足以 : be enough
: arrest
: (used after a verb) firmly, to a stop
: that
小偷 : thief
4. get to the heart of the matter
zhuā zhù wèn de xīn
抓住 : pay special attention to
问题 : problem, issue
: (preposition) of
核心 : core

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