Questions with 呢

  • Today we are going to learn how to ask questions using 呢.
  • Learn how to write the character 呢 here.
  • The particle 呢 (ne) is usually used in context to return a question, and it has a somewhat suggestive air to it, or a hint of doubt.Example:
    1. I am chinese, what about you?
    shì zhōng guó rén ne
    I is/am Chinese you particle
    2. If you all go, what about me?
    men dōu zǒu ne ?
    you all go I particle
  • Here is another conversation example using 呢 :
    Mary : Can you speak Chinese?
    huì shuō zhōng wén ma ?
    Tom : Yes
    Mary : Japanese?
    wén ne ?
    Tom : No
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