Tongue Twister – 绕口令

  • 绕口令( rào kǒu lìng ), tongue twister / poem, is useful for you to practice Chinese pronunciation correctly.
  • While preparing my Pinyin ebook, I have included the following 绕口令 into the book. And I am going to share the 绕口令 here today.
  • Here are the 3 words that you need to pay attention to.
兔子 (tù zi) rabbit
裤子 (kù zi) pants
肚子 (dù zi) stomach; belly
xiǎo zi zuò zi
Little rabbit makes pants
liáng le zi liáng zi
measured pants then measured belly
zuò hǎo zi shàng zi
made pants but can’t pull it over belly
xiǎo zi kàn zi
little rabbit looks at pants
zhī shì méi liáng zhǔn zi
not sure if measured wrong pants
hái shì méi liáng zhǔn zi
or measured wrong belly
  • Here is the complete poem. Practice with the right pronunciation until you can read it with no mistakes.
  • 小兔子做裤子,

  • Female voice:
  • Male voice
  • For vocabulary, here are a few new words:
    量 : measure
    提 : carry, raise
    准 : accurate
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