Worksheet 50 (1-Year Anniversary)

I started this website a year ago, with my first post “”. My idea was to post a Chinese character a day, so that users will only need to spend few minutes a day to learn Chinese language. Now we have a total of 250 Chinese characters, with 100 most commonly used characters!

Thank you so much for your support over the last one year. I hope my website has helped you improving your Chinese language, and you have enjoyed learning Chinese with me.  As for myself, well, I am learning too, as I will keep on improving in quality of the content I provide. 🙂

To practice this week characters, click the button below to download the worksheet.

Worksheet 50:

或 新 比 此 女

learn Chinese - free Chinese worksheet

Happy learning!

2 thoughts on “Worksheet 50 (1-Year Anniversary)”

  1. Ni hao & happy anniversary!
    I have been enjoying the lessons and plan on going back into the archives for older ones as soon as I can (I found your site about a month ago). This is an excellent resource for people wanting to learn Chinese.
    Xie xie!

    1. Hi Mrs. Hewett,
      I am glad that to hear that you are enjoying learning Chinese with me and this website.

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