Chinese Children’s Song – 当我们同在一起

  • This is our fifth song – 当我们同在一起 (As We Get Together). This song is quite short, so it should be easy to learn and sing.
  • Here are four previous songs that we have learnt:
    1. 客人来
    2. 三轮车
    3. 泥娃娃
    4. 雪人不见了
  • Let’s start by reading the lyrics.


dāng men tóng zài
zài zài
dāng men tóng zài
duì zhe xiào
duì zhe xiào
dāng men tóng zài
  • Here is the song:
  • Click on the character, and it will link you to the character page.
  • Meaning of the song:
As we get together
在一起 , 在一起
together , together
As we get together
We are so happy
You look and smile at me
I look and smile at you
As we get together
We are so happy
: When
: we
: do…together
: together
: that, such
快乐 : happy
: imcomparable
: you
: be directed to; face
: verb plus 着 placed before another verb, indicating an accompanying action or state
: I, me
: laugh
嘻嘻 : giggle (he he) (onomatopoeia)
: ha ha (onomatopoeia)
Watch Videos to Learn
  • You may want to download the song (in zip format).
  • Happy singing and learning!

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4 thoughts on “Chinese Children’s Song – 当我们同在一起”

  1. I think there is some mistake in meaning of song. Third and fouth lines; 当我们同在一起we are so happy 其快乐无比 how can he run away。

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