Body Parts – The Head

  • The words below are the most important words used when talking about all things related to the human head.
  • Some of the words may seem familiar to you. Yes, there are a few characters that we have learnt before.
  • Let start with a picture view of the head:

learn Chinese vocabulary

English Chinese Pinyin Pronunciation
Head ( 頭 ) tóu
Face ( 臉 ) liǎn
Cheek 脸颊 ( 臉頰 ) liǎn jiá
Mouth 嘴巴 / 嘴 zuǐ ba / zuǐ
Tooth 牙齿(牙齒 ) yá chǐ
Chin 下巴 xià ba
Tongue 头 ( 舌頭 ) shé tou
Ear ěr duo
Nose bí zi
Eye yǎn jing
Eyebrow 眉毛 méi mao
Hair 头发 ( 頭髮 ) tóu fà
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10 thoughts on “Body Parts – The Head”

    1. Hi Jorge,
      In Chinese, we do not have singular or plural form for noun.
      牙齿 can be tooth or teeth. I hope I am not wrong to use tooth in this context.


      1. hi min min.
        i am learning chinese. and now i want to learn it from the alphabet in chinese
        like in english a.b.c.d. ….z, please refer me a basic book and also if you have some helpful notes send it to me on my email , because i come ot chin nowadays, and i have a big problem in communication . kindly do a favor of me.

  1. Hi Min Min

    气味 means smell. I think the verb is siu or xiu.
    [to smell] I can’t seem to find the Chinese character
    for siu or xiu.

    For example, 我 siu or xiu 到了腐烂的鸡蛋. What is the
    character for siu or xiu.

    But there is also another for “to smell’ is 闻


  2. Hi Min Min!! your website is amazing!!

    What do you think about adding quotes of Confuccius or Lao Tse to the website?
    Quotes are easy to remember and at the same time we learn a good advice =)

    thank you so much!!!

    have a nice day =)

    1. Hi matthew,
      I have stopped the weekend activity posts. Anyway, I always post some quotes on my Facebook Fanpage. Please follow my FB Fanpage. 🙂


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