Radical III

  • All Chinese characters have a radical or are a radial in it self.
  • As mentioned before, radical is used to look up a character in a dictionary.
  • Beside, radical is used to tell something about the meaning of the character.
  • e.g. .
    It is the character for “mouth”. It is also the radical for many things related to mouth, such as = eat, = drink, etc.
  • Thus, learning radicals will help you to understand the characters more.
  • Here are another 7 new common radicals.

List of Chinese Radicals

Radical English Name Chinese Name Pronunciation
Knife 立刀旁
lì dāo páng
Seal 单耳旁
dān ěr páng
Walk 走之
zǒu zhī
Step 双人旁
shuāng rén páng
Dog 反犬旁
fǎn quǎn páng
Eat 食字旁
shí zì páng
Silk 绞丝旁
jiǎo sī páng
  • This week exercise :
    Try to write few Chinese characters that you know using the above radicals.
  • Happy learning.
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