Exercise – 听写 II

Chinese Dictation

  • This is the second dictation exercise. So far, we have learnt 150 characters.
  • As I always believe, practice makes perfect. One of the good ways to practice Chinese characters is through 听写.
  • Again, 听写 (tīng xiě)means dictation. “听” is listen while “写” means write.
  • Same as the Dictation I, this audio will take around 3 minutes with a list of 12 Chinese words.
  • Be prepared with your (pen) 和 (paper)。
  • Click on the play to listen and write down the characters on the paper. Replay the audio if you can’t get the words.
  • You can check the answers at the end of the post.
  • Ready? Go !
  • You might want to share your result in the comment session.
  • Have a nice weekend. Happy learning.

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2 thoughts on “Exercise – 听写 II”

  1. 你好 Min Min!

    I was wondering about sentence no. 5 because I would say
    我想去在家。 Is that correct or it’s better that I use 回家 instead?

    And also I love phrase 开心 – literally “open heart”. I will remember that for sure 🙂


    1. Hi paradox,
      It is not correct to say “我想去在家。”
      You should say “我想回家。” or “我想要回家。”. Both have the same meaning.

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